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US citizens have voted in the 2020 US election but the results are far from certain in what has become one of the most controversial elections in the country’s history.

This year’s surge in postal voting complicated matters and counting was still under way on Wednesday, the day after the election. Neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden has yet achieved the 270 electoral college votes necessary for victory.

Whether you voted or simply observed, how is this election affecting you? Do you think the process has been fair? If not, why not? Who do you hope will win?

This page will serve as a hub for your reactions in the time leading up to the announcement of a winner of the election. We will be updating it with top comments and excerpts from our readers across Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The election process

“Most votes ever cast in more than a century! An extraordinary moment for American democracy. Seems the public wanted to be heard. Maybe we got used to instant answers with low voter turnout. Maybe we prefer to speculate when patience is called for. Maybe.” - Glen Markham

“Whatever the outcome of the final count, Trump’s premature claims of victory and electoral fraud are a disgrace, however predictable his behaviour may have been. And for many Republicans to endorse his behaviour, or remain silent but complicit, is appalling.” - Michael in Surrey 

“Whoever will win, the electoral system in the US is ridiculous. Why don't they simply follow the straightforward rules of many other countries?” - Matteo CH

Support for Trump

“It is not Trump that is a threat to democracy but liberals. Liberals must learn to accept the outcome of democratic elections - even when they do not like the result. US voters will be doing democracy across the world a huge favour if they re-elect Donald Trump.” - St_Bob_of_England

“I’m a registered Democrat in a solidly blue state who voted red for the first time in 30 years or so. It’s a direct product of the last four years where Trump was predictably embarrassing but unpredictably not a catastrophe, while the left cooked up idiotic things like slandering all cops, defunding the police, and Covid lockdowns. The Democrats deserve to lose because they couldn’t keep me. Every Uber driver in my solidly blue state feels the same way. Be ready for a surprise.” - economatic

“I suspect that a large part of Trump voters are simply tired of having to watch what they say all the time for the risk of "offending" someone, and thus voting for him is a way to show the middle finger to the PC movement. Others do it because they feel that the Democratic party does not care about them. Maybe Trump doesn't either, but at least he speaks to their frustrations. Such is politics.” - Antonio Blanco 

Support for Biden

“The question that troubles this reader is what motivates a very large number of American citizens to vote again for a president that is on record for various fraudulent claims including the handling of the virus. In fact, one can probably conclude that, without the issue of COVID, the contest would be now over. One really should conclude that very many Americans actually approve of this administration.” - Larryboysailor 

“What is already frightening is that some 65 million voters have looked at both candidates and said ‘Yes! I want the clown to be president’. I wasn't a fan of Clinton and I'm not a fan of Biden but they are leaps and bounds better candidates than Donald.” - Lord Potato of Brexitshire

“Deep breaths people. Believe it or not this actually is playing out exactly as every last realistic observer said it would. The sunbelt states were always ‘nice-to-haves’ and never to be taken as givens. Biden knew he wasn't going to win Texas, which is why there was no last minute swing through it. All Biden has to do is win any two of MI, WI, PA and NV. It looks like he's on track to do that. As predicted. Just count all the votes.” - Hari Seldon

Counting the votes

“Every effort should be made to count votes arriving up to a few days after polling days. To do otherwise is to make a mockery of democracy. I hope for the sake of the US and democracy that this election is decisive and allows the US to reflect on their election laws”. - Tech in the blood

“They have overplayed the risk of fraud, have repeated over and over that the result could not be trusted, have tried to seed doubts in the electorate's minds and have openly resorted to the courts to try to suppress votes.” - PR78

“This is a system of election which is impossible to "modernise". God save the US.” - manhandled

Tired and disillusioned

“Regardless of the eventual outcome, this is a huge slap in the face for the Democrats. For the second election in a row, they have failed to decisively beat the most appalling Presidential candidate imaginable. Instead of berating the voters, the Democratic Party needs to reflect self critically on the implications of the result. Tens of millions of ordinary decent Americans have looked at Mr Trump in all his glory & somehow concluded that he is less awful than the Democratic alternative. Democrats need to ask themselves why.” - Sean Citizen

“End of the day, the joke is on America.” - World Has Gone Mad

“I think this election marks the end of America's role as a superpower, and I'm sad about that.” - LukeHerre

*Some comments have been edited for length and style.

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