Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who will serve as his vice president celebrate the Democratic presidential nomination in August © REUTERS

After a contentious campaign and a drawn out election US voters have chosen Joe Biden as their next president.

FT readers have been debating the pros and cons of both candidates for months and now the winner has been decided we want to know what you think about the outcome.

How do you feel now the election is over? Are you happy with the winner? Do you feel the election process was fair? How do you see the outlook for America? Do you feel positive about the incoming president or uncertain?

We will be updating this story with comments and excerpts from our readers across Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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On Biden becoming President

“One shouldn't downplay the impact of having someone who is calm, evidence led, believes in science, respects democratic institutions and is inclusive. He also values competence. That's completely different to the continuous lies, chaos, incompetence, law breaking and ugly racism and divisiveness of the incumbent.” - GS

“Biden will do more good in a week than Trump has in four years.” - spliffinfinitive

“The best thing about future President Biden is that he is not Trump. All the rest is just noise.” - Le Marquis Zorro

“Joe Biden should be well placed to do a great job notwithstanding the many challenges. He should have a significant advantage over his predecessor in terms of engagement, teamwork and productivity by not bring burdened with a twitter addiction”. -GKLester

On the election process

“Personally, I think the American people have made astute choices but I have no confidence in the system under which these elections are held.” - Ursula Green

“We are scared to death about the future of our democracy. And that is true if you are a Democrat or Republican. The morale of this country has never been lower and voting gave people a sense that they could at least have power over this one thing - by voting.” - Sdbb

“Trump’s attitude to voting is similar to his attitude to coronavirus. If you don’t test for it it’s not a problem. If you don’t count the votes he’s won.” - JJSS

Goodbye President Trump

“Trump's chaotic approach to governance led to utter mismanagement of the Covid crisis and loss of lives at a devastating scale. When I saw him and his staff without masks at gatherings, I just could not take the brazenness anymore. I wanted someone who could set a good example for the American youth, some of who will be leaders of tomorrow, and teach them the right ways of statesmanship. Being a statesman is not just about being able to lead but being able to inspire confidence. I'm hopeful Joe Biden will do better. It is actually quite hard to do any worse than Trump.” - skdh

“Schadenfreude. Not an emotion I indulge in normally, but in Mr Trump's case I'll make an exception. And I'll do it daily until he is off the political scene.” - Donnymac57

What lies ahead

“Thank God that decency, honesty, intelligence and principle have won out in the end. But the fact that nearly seventy million Americans think Trump is fit for four more years is truly terrifying. We cannot be sure that something similar will not happen in 2024 (mini Trump?).”- nuntius

“It’s like a wave of hope of a bright future without so many lies!”- randomhacks

“Would a centrist government, where both parties are forced to work together, be a bad thing for America? A Biden victory was based on a return to decency or whatever, not an endorsement of leftwing policies.

Did independents and disgruntled Republicans really intend to support higher taxes, open borders and the leftwing agenda with their vote. No.

Biden claimed he could work with Republicans. We will now see.” - The Opiner

Uncertain times

“I’m pessimistic. Changes to domestic policy will be hamstrung until at least the mid-terms. Will Biden work to achieve consensus? I don’t think the “left” in his party will allow that. ” - Nuuk

“Biden may have plans to spend most of his time on domestic policy, and there is an abundance of issues which will need his attention, to be sure. But we have to keep in mind that the absolute best-case scenario for the Democrats at the moment, when it comes to the US Senate, is that they are able to win both runoff Senate races from Georgia, and get a 50-50 split. This would give them control but it would not be easy to get significant legislation passed.” - Jestak

‘Trumps legacy is here to stay’

“No matter what, Trump's legacy is here to stay. Trump is not perfect. Trump say's things he should not say from time to time. But he damm sure is genuine and highly detached from the arrogant, political leading class.” - rememberthename

“Given that in excess of 67m Americans voted for Donald Trump and although he will not be reelected, Trumpism is here for the foreseeable future and the election merely highlights a truly divided United States. The election may be over however the political battle lines are drawn.” - Ted Crilly

Thoughts from around the world

“Nobody is coming out well from this mess. I am in France, where there is simply amazement at the system.” - peterjohndean

“A 71 year old US citizen I have lived abroad some 25 years, mostly in London. Always a very proud American, living outside the USA tempered my view, allowing me to see flaws not evident from the inside. One source of this pride is the Constitution. These past four years Trump has shown the country's biggest flaw, the founding fathers must have believed in the basic good of man, assuming no one would dare, as President use the Constitution against the people. How do I feel today? So sad!” - OpenMind

“At least the Americans have managed to throw Trump out of office after four years...we’ll be stuck with Brexit for a very long time.” - Schatz Katze

*Some comments have been edited for length and style.

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