Martin Sandbu’s essay on how to transform the global economy started well but in the end was disappointingly gender-blind (“The everyone economy: how to make capitalism work for all”, Life & Arts, FT Weekend, July 4).

Mr Sandbu, like many, has recently had cause to see the previously invisible but essential care workers without whom our economy would halt. Yet he misses the gendered dimension of precarious care work.

This blind spot leads the essay, unfortunately, to the same conclusions that others have reached regarding universal basic income and formal labour market protections.

The radical transformation Mr Sandbu seeks can be better achieved with conditional cash transfers than universal basic income.

Let’s acknowledge and pay fairly for all forms of care work. At a minimum, let’s ensure we don’t embrace policy that will render this work invisible once again.

Bama Athreya
Economic Inequality Fellow,
Open Society Foundations,
Bethesda, MD, US

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